Tempe, Arizona is an intriguing city just east of Phoenix. Sunny almost every day of the year, Tempe draws visitors eager for outdoor adventures as well as cultural and recreational activities. Tempe Center for the Arts, a popular hub, is well-known for its festivals, concerts, dance and comedy shows. Not far away, Tempe Town Lake is alive with kayaks, pedal boats and paddleboards. Natural beauty abounds in Tempe. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets are no less remarkable for being everyday occurrences and Hayden Butte mountain majestically overlooks the city while holding the secrets of rock art created centuries ago.Unfortunately, however attractive or interesting Tempe is, it is still plagued by the same family problems that exist everywhere — including divorce, child custody and support disputes, questions of paternity, domestic violence, difficulties related to the division of property. If you are troubled by family strife and don’t know where to turn for guidance, you should seriously consider consulting with Cohen Family Law in Phoenix. This first-rate family law practice was, as a matter of fact, originally established in Tempe, so you may have already heard mention of its excellent reputation.

Mitch Cohen: Temple Family Law Lawyer

Like you, Mitchell E. Cohen wants your family issues to be settled with as little turmoil and pain as possible. A fair-minded and agile negotiator, he is well-prepared to assist you with various methods of conflict resolution, such as mediation and arbitration. In many cases, meetings in your home or our office can result in fair solutions that will satisfy both parties and keep the lives of any children involved on a steady course.There are, of course, divorces in which there is too much animosity between the spouses for conflicts to be resolved through rational negotiations. If you are involved in a situation in which civil discussion has become impossible, Mitchell E. Cohen has the necessary skills to handle adversarial litigation with impressive results. Though a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, Mitchell Cohen is a kind and responsive person. You can count on him to support you through this challenging period of your life.

No-Fault Divorce in Tempe, Arizona

As you are probably aware, divorce laws vary from state to state which is why it’s essential to work with a family law attorney who fully understands the divorce laws in your state. Arizona is a purely no-fault divorce state, so it is not necessary to assign blame for the split to either spouse. Divorce proceedings can legally occur as long as one of the parties believes that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” The one exception to the no-fault rule in Arizona is made when the spouses have participated in a special type of premarital counseling. In these cases the marriages are known as “covenant unions” and adultery is grounds for a fault-based divorce.

Tempe Family Law Firm

The fact that our practice only handles family law cases gives you a tremendous advantage. Whereas attorneys who deal with many areas of the law cannot be equally proficient in each, Mitchell E. Cohen, who works exclusively in the realm of family law, has comprehensive, as well as in-depth, knowledge of Arizona and federal laws regarding this specialty. Not only does he have excellent credentials and decades of experience in family law; he has a well-earned reputation for successful outcomes. If you’re located in Tempe, Cohen Family Law, in nearby Phoenix, is a wise choice. Divorce is a life-changing experience. Whether you anticipate fairly smooth sailing because you and your soon-to-be-ex have already agreed on some of the basics, or you are anticipating a brutal court battle, you may be surprised. Family relationships are complicated during the best of times; during divorce proceedings, they typically become even more complex and confusing. Fortunately, at Cohen Family Law we are familiar with the turns and twists divorce negotiations can take and are prepared to handle them. We will always put your needs first and make sure that you are treated fairly.

Common Family Law Services

No matter what direction your family crisis takes, Cohen Family Law will be able to deal with it, always making your best interests our priority. Family law covers a broader range of issues than you may imagine. We will represent you in or outside of court on matters relating to all of the following:

As you can see from this extensive list, while family law may at first seem to be a circumscribed area of legal discipline, it has far-reaching branches. It includes issues that did not used to come up at all, such as same-sex divorce (since same-sex marriage has only recently become legal throughout the U.S.) and matters that scientific advances have made definitive, like paternity (due to DNA testing). Other topics — such as grandparent rights and domestic abuse — that were kept in the dark due to feelings of embarrassment, shame, or powerlessness, are now dealt with legally in open court.

Contact Our Temple Family Law Attorney

Whatever type of family situation you’re facing, Mitchell E. Cohen is eager to help you resolve it in a positive fashion. He will listen carefully to what you have to say and provide you with options and clarity. You can trust him to be as effective as he is compassionate and to always treat you with the respect and empathy you deserve.You can contact Cohen Family Law by phone or email, or by filling out a contact form on our website.