Golf course in Anthem, Arizona at night

Anthem, a planned community just over 30 miles from Phoenix, has been ranked sixth on a list of “Best Places in Arizona to Raise a Family.” In addition to the natural beauty of the surrounding area, including the Grand Canyon and the red-rock buttes of Sedona, the city of Anthem offers special events throughout the year. From the Anthem Days Festival in early spring to Autumnfest and a very special Veteran’s Day “eclipse,” residents and tourists alike are attracted by the music, color, and excitement of Anthem’s special occasions. Unfortunately, no matter how family-friendly a city is, where there are families there are complications and where there are complications there are conflicts. When your family conflicts escalate and you feel trapped, your best move is to contact Mitchell E. Cohen at Cohen Family Law.

How Our Anthem Family Law Attorney Can Help

With over 30 years of family law practice under his belt, Mitchell E. Cohen is as widely respected as he is experienced. He has a well-earned reputation for providing personal attention at a reasonable cost. When you come to Cohen Family Law, we will always treat you with the respect and concern you deserve, making you as comfortable as possible under difficult circumstances. Our comprehensive knowledge of family law will stand you in good stead when you are faced with divorce and all of its concomitant issues, such as child custody and visitation, division of property, spousal support, and grandparent visitation rights. Mitchell has handled all of these issues with a high rate of success and has a nuanced understanding of which strategies are likely to work best in your particular case. He is also aware that family law cases must be dealt with carefully, especially when there are children involved. He is able to be aggressive in negotiation or litigation when such action is called for but remains dedicated to protecting the best interests of any children who will be affected.

No-Fault Divorce in Arizona

Arizona is a purely no-fault divorce state, which means that neither spouse is blamed for the marital split. Instead, either spouse can declare the marriage “irretrievably broken.” There is only one exception to the no-fault rule in Arizona. It occurs when the spouses participated in a special type of premarital counseling that led to what is known as “a covenant union.” In a covenant union, adultery is grounds for a fault-based divorce.

Anthem Family Law Attorney: Mitch Cohen

Depending on the severity of your family problems, Mitchell may recommend mediation, arbitration, or divorce. Whatever the situation, you can rest assured that he will not only be an excellent legal representative but a supportive ally. Well-known for his sense of fairness, he will always be on your team, looking out for your interests in terms of protecting your separate assets, providing you with joint custody, sole custody, or generous amounts of parenting time, and making sure that you are treated fairly in terms of the division of marital property. He will also help you to make sound decisions regarding issues you may not have considered yet, such as your child’s college education costs, religious affiliation, or medical care. Well aware of the sticking points in divorce agreements, Mitchell will come up with equitable solutions that will satisfy both you and your soon-to-be-ex while keeping the lives of your children as stable as possible.

Special Cases of Divorce

Though every divorce case is unique, there are some cases that stand out as atypical. Such cases require special handling. They are cases that may involve domestic abuse, incarceration of one of the spouses, illness or disability of one of the spouses, special needs of a child, or the desire of a new stepparent to adopt the child that he or she will now be parenting. Each of these situations involves complex legal processes that Cohen Family Law is well-prepared to handle. If there has been addiction, criminal behavior, violence or other abuse in the family and there is reason to protect you and your children from your ex-spouse, Cohen Family Law will help to extricate you from the danger, find a safe place for you and your children to live and fight vigorously to keep the abuser from threatening the rest of the family.

Contact Our Anthem Family Law Attorney

Of course, there are other reasons besides divorce that may bring you to the office of a family law attorney in Anthem. You may be an unmarried couple needing to verify paternity, or a married couple wanting to adopt a child. If you are a same-sex couple wanting to divorce or adopt, you may be experiencing more complications than you expected in Arizona and need assistance to resolve them. Whatever the case, Cohen Family Law is here to help you with your family law problems. Remember that the sooner you contact us, the sooner we will be able to help.