I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Mitch. He displayed a calm demeanor, professionalism, and provided competent advice as I faced divorce proceedings. As a divorce attorney myself, this was not a situation I expected to be in nor was I emotionally prepared to make decisions on my own. Fortunately for me, my situation turned out favorably. However I now know that if I am ever in this situation again I can call Mitch. Mitch is an advocate who truly cares about his clients and their well-being. I would recommend Mitch to anyone dealing with the emotional stress of a divorce or any family law matter.

I hired him about 20 years ago to represent me through what turned out to be an ugly divorce full of drama from the "ex". Overall, it worked out pretty well in my favor. He's a knowledgeable attorney with integrity that is tough when he needs to be.

Kind, caring, compassionate and a legal superstar.....What else could you ask for in a lawyer? Mitch is great and I highly recommend him.

Mitch has a place in my heart for what he was able to accomplish for me and mine during a very challenging and difficult divorce process. Mitch made a tough situation much, much better, and guided me with expert care to a very favorable result before the judge. Mitch was not only a great advocate, he was an outstanding counselor. He handled a situation that I, myself, was struggling to see solutions to, with a clear confidence that positioned us well for the new life ahead, while at the same time convincing the judge that we were the voice of reason. I recommend Mitch to my friends and friends-of-friends when they are in need of a divorce attorney.

In February 2016, my then wife served me with divorce papers. I tried to resolve the issue without hiring an attorney until a Mediation Hearing which occurred in August of 2016. It became clear that my wife and her attorney were not trying to be fair or equitable. The very next day I went and hired Mr. Cohen. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided me with sound advice. At trial, his expertise was clearly shown and with his help I was able to present a solid case. The judge ruled in my favor. I'm very happy with the results.

Without Mitch, I truly believe we would still be struggling with the standard that is set in family court environments: lackadaisical at best with little regard for the best interest of our children. Mitch is by far the very best family law attorney I have had experience with in the twelve years I have been dealing with family court. Mitch has extremely refined tactics to achieving the very best for any family. My best suggestion would be to meet with him, let him know what your goals are and then allow him to guide you all the way through the process. I had the best outcome possible for my son and he is now in a loving, stable, consistent and safe environment. Mitch broke the cycle for our family! Let him do it for yours!!

I've had several family law attorneys and Mr. Cohen stood out, by leaps and bounds beyond the others. His knowledge and understanding of how to streamline the court's processes resulted in savings and a favorable outcome. His seasoned perspective and experience in the court room was unrivaled by any other attorney I have ever dealt with, and I've dealt with many!

Mitch did a great job with my divorce. My case was very complex and involved. He handled the case with professionalism and did a fantastic job in trial. I would highly recommend him.

In January, 2017, Mitch made me feel confident I picked the best attorney right from the first phone call. Mitch was easy to talk to, gave sound advice, informative, empathetic, and his secretary, Gina, was extremely helpful with the 'odd questions' I had. I had no doubt in my mind this attorney would go to 'bat' for me. He went above and beyond to help me through my divorce. What could have been a very stressful situation, Mitch made a smooth transition. I believe his integrity to be impeccable and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone even considering divorce. He's not a 'good' attorney, he's a GREAT attorney!

Mitch applies his experience to anticipate situations that may arise while applying sensitivity to his client's needs during the case. He offers solid advice, is honest, and will represent his clients with confidence and resolve. I am very thankful to have hired Mitch and plan to recommend him to family or friends who may need representation. Veronkia also works in the office and is easy going, up-beat, and flexible. Thank you Mitch and Veronika!

Hired Mitch in September cause I knew I needed assistance in my child custody case. I was on the search for the best family attorney I could find, when I sat down for a consultation with Mitch I knew that he was the one for my case! From the professional appearance to the amazing hands down performance he has shown me throughout my case, there's no doubt's in my mind why he's rated 5 STARS! He is extremely knowledgeable in court and made sure that I was prepared for court and knew everything that I needed to know. I would use him again and HIGHLY recommend him to anyone whose in search of the best in town. Thank you so much Mitch I couldn't do it without you!

Mitch is an excellent attorney that gives the client control over their case while advising every step of the way. He offers the best advice possible and explains every possible outcome. It is then the client that can ask for further advisement. However, there is no pressure to pursue any particular avenue. The client gets to control the case and Mitch uses his expertise to get the best possible outcome. His staff is extremely supportive and made me feel comfortable in a very difficult situation. The overall experience was great despite the fact I was experiencing major life changes and decisions. You will find Mitch to be one of the very best. He will be on your side and support all your decisions in a professional and courteous manner. Thanks Cohen Law!

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