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Laveen, located in Maricopa County, was once a rural farming community. In recent years, however, this pastoral village has experienced explosive residential and commercial development. Like people who live elsewhere in Arizona, residents of Laveen face difficult challenges. Fortunately, they have access to the capable attorneys at Cohen Family Law.

Conveniently located in Phoenix, our legal practice is focused on helping families resolve their most personal and pressing challenges. When it comes to dealing with issues from divorce to child custody to paternity and domestic violence, we are the trusted choice in family law. Call our office today to learn how we can help.

How Our Firm Helps Families in Laveen, Arizona

People often come to us seeking assistance with divorce. We are keenly aware that ending a marriage can stir up difficult emotions, which is why we work to help our clients find amicable solutions without the need for court intervention. At the same time, we know that litigation cannot be avoided in some situations, particularly when there are disputes over child custody or in high-net-worth divorce cases. Rest assured we will work to protect your rights — whether at the negotiating table or at trial.

How is marital property divided in a divorce?

Given that Laveen was founded as an agricultural community, many families own property on what used to be farmland. You should know that Arizona is a community property state for purposes of divorce, which means that property acquired by a couple during a marriage is considered to be community property.

If one party purchased the property during the marriage, then it is community property that must be divided equitably between the spouses. Of course, a 50-50 split of a homestead is impractical, so the courts determine the value of the community property as a whole and divide the net worth so that each party retains ownership of 50 percent of the communal assets. Working with our family law attorneys will give you peace of mind knowing that your property rights will be protected.

Other Common Family Law Issues in Laveen

Divorce is not the only family law matter our firm handles; we also help clients resolve complicated issues such as:

  • Child custody – Arizona has transformed the concepts of custody and visitation into legal decision-making and parenting time, and the courts recognize the equal rights of mothers and fathers in raising their children. Nonetheless, before a divorce will be granted, the spouses must agree on a parenting plan that establishes which parent will have primary custody and specifies the visitation rights of the noncustodial parent. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the court will make custody determinations that are in the best interests of the children.
  • Child support – In a divorce, the noncustodial parent is typically required to pay child support to the other parent. The state of Arizona uses a formula to calculate child support based on each parent’s income, the number of children for whom they are responsible, and the ages of the children, as well as their educational and medical needs. Our legal team can assist you in establishing, modifying, or enforcing a child support order.
  • Paternity – For unwed couples in Laveen who have children together but are no longer in a relationship, establishing paternity is necessary to determine parental rights, child custody, and child support matters. Whether you are seeking financial support for your child or looking to assert your father’s rights, we have the skills and experience to protect your interests.
  • Domestic Violence – Domestic violence is not limited to married couples and can also occur between parents and children, dating partners, or household members. Our attorneys help victims of domestic violence obtain an Order of Protection to protect their safety. But we also know that false accusations of abuse are not uncommon, particularly in a contentious divorce, and can refer individuals who have been wrongly accused of domestic violence to experienced defense attorneys.

Regardless of the issue facing your family, trust us to provide you with compassionate representation when you need it most.

How Mediation Can Benefit Families in Laveen

Mediation is designed to be a more civil and cost-effective way to resolve all types of family law issues without court intervention. In divorce mediation, for example, a neutral mediator works with the parties to resolve key issues. The mediator does not provide legal advice but instead works with the couple to help them come to solutions on their own that benefit both parties. Mediation is a voluntary process and both parties must be willing to participate and negotiate in good faith.

Lead attorney Mitchell E. Cohen is an experienced mediator who regularly handles the full spectrum of family law matters. Whether you are looking to retain a mediator or have questions about the process, he will provide you with trustworthy advice and guidance.

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