The Emergence of Divorce Registries

How do Newly Single People Start Over after Divorce?

Phoenix divorce attorneys see many clients come into their offices knowing only that they want out of their marriage. They often don’t know what the process of divorce entails or what to expect after the divorce.

When a divorcing couple has minor children, working out the issues of legal decision-making and parenting time are paramount. In Arizona, legal decision-making is sometimes known as child custody and parenting time is also known as visitation.

Once these issues, and child support, are worked out, dividing marital property is often the next big hurdle. And for couples without children, it’s often the biggest issue to resolve and one that materially impacts life after divorce.

How is property divided in an Arizona divorce?

There are only a handful of community property states in the U.S., and Arizona is one of them. “Community property” is property or assets that were acquired or earned during the marriage. This property is considered to be owned equally by the two spouses regardless of the source, and as such, it will be divided as equally as possible between the parties by the court upon divorce.

There is also separate property that needs to be divided. “Separate property” is property or assets acquired by each spouse before the marriage and is generally considered to belong to the spouse who acquired it.

When dividing one household into two and splitting the property, each newly single partner may find themself short on household contents—and expendable cash for replacements– after the divorce is final. Enter the divorce registry!

What is a Divorce Registry?

Most people have heard of baby registries and bridal registries. Brides-to-be and parents-to-be often make “wish lists” at retail stores of items they would like to start off their marital home or supply their newborn’s needs. Friends and family often buy gifts off the registry for weddings and showers to support the new couple or new parents. Divorce registries are a new thing with a similar mission – – helping the newly divorced person with the needs of the next phase of their life.

What are the Benefits of a Divorce Registry?

A divorce registry:

  • helps the cash-strapped, newly single person who needs to replace household items (like the coffeemaker or air fryer that went to their ex) but can’t afford to;
  • gives the newly single person a fresh start by updating décor (like furniture or bedding) so they don’t have to see or use all the things that remind them of their ex;
  • gives friends and family a way to cheer up, support, or celebrate the newly divorced person (or their children) by showing them they are loved and cared about at a time when they may need to be reminded.

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