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Things to Talk About With Your Co-Parent During Pandemic Re-Openings

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the world on so many different levels. We have seen people struggling with life as we all know it being upended. Quarantines, shutdowns, and social distancing have made the “new normal” very different from the everyday life we all had come to know so well. While the pandemic persists, things are starting to reopen. Businesses are once again welcoming in-person patrons. Schools are now in session for in-person teaching. People are starting to crave that in-person connection more than ever, but the presence of COVID-19 still looms. As the world begins to reopen more and more, co-parents are confronted with unique challenges and issues that should be discussed to help ensure everyone remains safe, healthy, and on the same page.

Things to Talk About With Your Co-Parent During Pandemic Re-Openings

There have definitely been some strong emotions erupting during the pandemic. People tend to have very strong opinions on the virus’s spread, what that means for society, and the safety measures that should be in place and observed. These differing opinions can hit very close to home when you are co-parenting with someone who may have a different perspective on the COVID-19 crisis. That is why it is so important to talk to your co-parent about several things relating to reopenings while the pandemic persists.

You should plan to sit down with your co-parent and iron out the details of what both of you feel comfortable regarding your child and the re-opening process. What boundaries do you want in place that you want observed to keep your child safe from potential exposure? What socialization means are you comfortable with so your child can get back to interacting with friends on an albeit limited basis? Talk to your co-parent about what is acceptable to you both and whether some things should be off limits.

This will mean establishing whether your child should be sent back to in-person school or whether to engage in some kind of online or homeschooling program. If you are opting for online or homeschooling, discuss what that will mean regarding each of your responsibilities in the process. The discussion should also include whether playdates and other activities should resume for your child.

When it comes to the health and safety of our children, these kinds of discussions can be difficult but are very important. Try to approach this much-needed conversation in as diplomatic a way as possible. Remember that both you and your co-parent are just trying to protect your child, despite the fact that you may have differing opinions as to what this exactly looks like.

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