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Arizona Divorce Rates and the Coronavirus

Q: Will the coronavirus lockdowns cause divorce rates to go up?

With people all over the country in various stages of lockdown due to the global pandemic, Phoenix divorce attorneys and the general public are speculating as to whether the weeks or months of forced togetherness from being quarantined will result in more divorces–or a baby boom– by the time the lockdown is lifted.

It stands to reason that those couples with strong marriages may stand a better chance of coming through with their unions intact than those already on shaky ground when the pandemic began. But sometimes, some forced time alone together can reignite the old spark and help reset the broken parts of a relationship. 

American doctors looked to other countries where the virus struck first when making predictions for how it will affect us. If American divorce lawyers do the same, they’ll find reports that divorce rates rose after the lockdown was lifted in China as couples flocked to the divorce registration office. They reportedly caused long lines outside the building as soon as they were allowed out.

Factors that might increase post-COVID-19 divorce rates:

  • the general strength or weakness of the marriage before the pandemic
  • the loss of employment and/or financial strain related to the pandemic
  • the lack of quality intimate time while children were present 24/7
  • the pressure of working remotely and/or children’s online distance education from home
  • the magnification of previously mildly-annoying habits and traits
  • the realization that life is too short to stay in a bad marriage
  • domestic violence, and more.

If you have a child together and then divorce, the issues of child custody and visitation, as well as child support, must be worked out for your minor children. Couples should think hard before conceiving a “coronavirus baby”, especially if doing so in an attempt to save a troubled marriage. Having a child together means being tied to each other forever– or for at least as many years as your co-parenting duties will last after the divorce.

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