Adultery and Divorce in Arizona

Q: Is adultery grounds for divorce in Arizona?

Arizona no-fault divorce attorneys are often approached by clients who have either committed adultery or claim their spouse has done so, and are wondering if adultery is grounds for a divorce.

With the exception of “covenant marriages” – which arise where couples had undergone special premarital counseling – Arizona is a no-fault divorce state. That means, either spouse can get a divorce if they believe the marriage is “irretrievably broken” without having to prove the other spouse is to blame for the marriage ending. So, adultery is not grounds for a divorce because there’s no need to establish any grounds (except in a covenant marriage). Covenant marriages only account for about one percent of all Arizona marriages.

It should be noted however that adultery is a misdemeanor criminal offense in Arizona. However, the statute is extremely rarely enforced.

Why do spouses commit adultery?

Cheating is widespread with about 25% of men and 13% of women admitting to cheating while in relationships – mostly because they were looking for something or someone different. The odds are good that the actual number of cheaters is higher.

The reasons given for cheating in a small survey of five women by Fatherly magazine were:

  • “my husband was like my roommate”
  • “my husband was in deep denial for years… and became emotionally abusive”
  • “my husband became so controlling and jealous”
  • “my husband was pulling away… and dumping all of his problems on me”
  • “my husband got sick [with Alzheimer’s] and became a different person”

In most of the above instances in which the women had affairs, the couple got divorced but in some, counseling saved the marriage.

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