Saving a Marriage Through a Sleep Divorce

Q: Can sleeping in separate beds save a marriage?

It is certainly not surprising when Phoenix divorce attorneys hear of couples sleeping in separate beds– or even separate bedrooms. 

As imagined, the practice is actually expected as most couples begin to untie their marital knot prior to a legal separation or divorce. 

But can couples actually save their marriages by sleeping in separate beds or bedrooms? Depending on the couple, the answer may be yes. 

It’s called a “sleep divorce” and it’s apparently gaining popularity. So many married people are emphasizing the need for better sleep that statistics show as many as “one in four couples choose to sleep in different beds”. 

Why are some couples opting for a sleep divorce?

It’s no secret that poor sleep or lack of sleep makes people irritable. In fact, studies show that couples are “more likely to argue with each other and stay mad” longer when they get less than seven hours of sleep. Factors that negatively impact a couple’s rest include “snoring spouses, restless partners and demanding schedules” on top of increasingly busy and stressful lives. 

In addition to being cranky, sleep deprivation increases “stress-related inflammation…which can lead to chronic health problems”, including weight gain and depression, as well as cardiac problems and diabetes, and more.

Proponents of a sleep divorce claim getting better sleep by sleeping apart can make people better partners. More rest can translate to feeling generally happier and healthier. However, critics of sleep divorce believe sleeping together is important to maintain intimacy. Scheduling time together to physically, socially, and emotionally connect—followed by sleeping separately—could be the solution to marital strife for some couples. 

Depending on the true root cause of a couple’s dissatisfaction with their marriage, some couples suffering from sleep deprivation and its health-related consequences might consider experimenting with a sleep divorce before deciding to legally separate or divorce. With the outcome of being happier and healthier whether they sleep divorce or actually divorce, they may have nothing to lose by trying.

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