Moving On After Divorce

Q: What happens after the divorce is final?

The vast majority of couples tying the knot don’t envision it unraveling down the line. But, of course, it often does. If you’re considering getting divorced in Arizona, the issues that need to be resolved and the manner in which they’ll be resolved will be unique to your particular case.

For example, some couples can utilize divorce mediation if they are generally cooperative and in agreement on important basics like parenting time or alimony. In such cases, a skilled divorce attorney can recommend a mediator– who is a trained and impartial third party– to work out an agreement which will then be drawn up and finalized by the divorce attorney. 

When mediation isn’t an option, divorce attorneys will help couples iron out details regarding property division, spousal maintenance, and child support, legal decision-making and parenting time. If an agreement cannot be reached, the court will make a decision on these terms.

But what happens after the divorce is final? Hopefully, each spouse former spouse will move on to a happier future. But sometimes spouses may have difficulty adjusting to a new single life and dating again. 

Especially in cases where one spouse didn’t want the divorce– but even when both spouses were in agreement– it’s not uncommon to experience grief over dreams that died along with the marriage. It might be difficult for some to date again, and even more emotionally-charged when children are involved.

Fortunately, these issues can often be resolved through options like individual professional counseling, group therapy, men’s or ladies’ weekend getaways with friends (if possible). There are even courses and classes designed to help navigate post-divorce life. Such courses can focus on topics like: 

  • emotional recovery
  • forgiveness
  • sexuality
  • single parenting
  • communicating with ex-spouses. 

Some courses have “biblical curriculums” which may or may not make them attractive. But in addition to the above topics, the courses claim to help divorcees “restore their value, re-purpose their life, resolve all their issues and prepare them for their future”. So, if you’re looking for help moving forward after a divorce, there are many avenues available.

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