Would you donate a kidney to your ex-spouse?

Phoenix divorce attorneys see the full spectrum of divorce scenarios from the most amicable to the most adversarial.

Spouses who don’t share children can make a “clean break” after the division of their property is finished and their divorce finalized – – unless, of course one spouse offers or is ordered to pay alimony or spousal support to the other. But even then, that obligation may come to an end at some point, severing the last tie the couple may have to each other. 

But unlike those couples, married spouses who have minor children will need to engage with each other on some level at least until their children reach the age of majority and/or child support and visitation are no longer applicable. 

Except in unfortunate cases when doing so would not be advisable, Arizona family courts– like many in the nation– believe it’s in the best interest of the children when both parents share custody and visitation of the children. While it’s obvious that children will benefit and adjust better to the divorce if their parents can remain friendly and cooperative, that can be a tall order for some exes – – especially in an ugly divorce. Ideally, ex-spouses would remain on good terms for life and share in major events and celebrations like graduations, marriages, and birth of grandchildren.

In addition to their share of your household stuff, sometimes, an ex-spouse can take a little piece of your heart. Other times, a kidney.

One couple who had been teenage sweethearts and were married for 24 years before divorcing made headlines recently after the ex-wife donated her kidney to her ex-husband. What makes this even more fascinating is that it happened 20 years after they divorced, and long after the husband remarried and their children were grown. In fact, their children reportedly love to tell the story and hope it will inspire other exes to change their “actions or attitudes toward their ex”.

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