A Phoenix Mom, Her Son, and a Taser Gun

Q: Is allegedly using a taser on a child tough love or child abuse?

Family law attorneys handle more than just divorces.

Sadly, domestic violence cases also bring clients to the office of Phoenix family law attorneys. In an escalated abusive situation, the safety of the victim may require immediate police intervention in addition to an attorney’s assistance, so never delay in contacting the authorities.

However, a domestic violence attorney can also assist victims in the following ways:

  • finding a safe haven for the victim and family members

  • filing for an order of protection

  • initiating a legal separation or divorce

  • obtaining child custody

  • receiving child support.

Examples of actions that may constitute domestic violence include but are not limited to:

  • physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological abuse

  • assault with a deadly weapon

  • economic control and/or neglect

  • endangerment

  • criminal property damage or trespass, and more.

Abusers often minimize or deny their violent actions, but domestic violence is a serious matter and can not only result in criminal charges but can also jeopardize child custody.

Recently, a Phoenix mom was charged with child abuse after allegedly using a taser –also known as a stun gun–on her teenage son when he wouldn’t get up for church. She reportedly denied actually shocking the boy–who is allegedly on probation and wears an electronic bracelet – – claiming to have only used the sound of the taser to “motivate him” to obey her and get out of bed for church. Another teenage son allegedly also on probation and a nephew reportedly witnessed the taser incident which allegedly left two marks on the teen’s leg. According to court documents, the mother now “cannot have contact with her son” pending a hearing.

If you or a loved one are victims of domestic violence, whether you are married to the abuser or not, Cohen Family Law can help protect you and get compensation to help you heal. We are committed to protecting you from further abuse and helping you transition to a new and happier life. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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