Top Reasons People Divorce

Q: Why do people get divorced?

Arizona divorce attorneys need to know more than just that their client wants a divorce– or that their client’s partner is requesting one. Divorce attorneys who ask why one (or both) members of the couple want to call it quits can help the attorney decide how divorce proceedings should move forward.

Some of the more common reasons a couple considers divorce may involve:

  • infidelity or cheating by one or both partners,

  • money worries and financial irresponsibility of one or both partners,

  • growing apart, feelings of loneliness, falling out of love, or boredom,

  • angrily blurting out legal threats of divorce that push the other to call a lawyer.

Some of these reasons could be a long time coming while others could be a sudden blind-sided shock prompting the knee-jerk reaction of calling a divorce lawyer.

While some couples might be able to salvage their marriage through marital counseling as a couple or as individuals, the legal counseling a divorce lawyer provides helps them face the reasons they’re considering divorce, decide whether it’s the best option (based on many factors), and if so, plans how to best transition to a new and hopefully happier life apart.

Generally, couples with minor children will remain in each other’s lives on some level through the lives of their mutual children and are often forced to co-parent until the children reach majority by working out child support and child custody arrangements (known as legal decision-making and parenting time in Arizona) which are in the best interest of the children.

Some couples can benefit from divorce mediation which is a process where an independent third-party (the mediator) helps the couple agree on all of the terms of their divorce. It’s less expensive and faster than a traditional divorce proceeding through the courts, plus it allows the couple greater privacy as well as complete control over the terms of their post-divorce arrangements and responsibilities. In a traditional divorce proceeding where the parties cannot agree, the judge will decide child custody, support, and other important terms.

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