Bullets in the Bathroom

Must domestic violence result in a physical injury?

Poor aim in the bathroom stories usually relate to men or boys, well, missing their marks and are told in frustration by the wives and moms charged with cleaning up after them.

So even Arizona domestic violence attorneys raised an eyebrow when they heard the tale out of Goodyear, of a wife who was arrested for allegedly firing two shots at her husband– as he sat on the toilet. Both missed. The shots were reportedly intentionally fired 7 inches above the “slouching” husband’s head.

While many wives may commiserate with a woman–like this woman–who claimed her husband never listens to her, frustration doesn’t warrant this level of extreme action allegedly taken just to get his attention. That’s the reason the wife allegedly gave responding officers for her actions.

While this kind of colorful story will surely generate the inevitable jokes about their marriage likely being in the toilet, etc., domestic violence is no laughing matter. Especially pointing and firing a gun at someone’s head. The woman was reportedly charged with aggravated assault.

Not all domestic violence involves firearms. Sometimes it takes the form of other physical violence, harassment, verbal abuse or sexual abuse. Often, the abuse may lead the victim to file for divorce.  But sadly, many victims don’t escape the abuse in time and die at the hands of their abusers.

A skilled domestic violence and family law attorney can help domestic violence victims in the legal realm while the police and other professionals can safeguard your physical and mental well-being. Together all these professionals work to get victims the support they need to begin healing and get a fresh and safe start on a new life

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