From Arson Allegations to Arrows

Q: Can domestic violence involve a bow and arrows?

Phoenix Family law attorneys see their fair share of domestic conflicts through the eyes of their clients. While it is always upsetting to witness, it’s particularly distressing when children are the victims.

During a divorce, couples may be anything from easy-going and amicable to uncooperative and downright violent as issues of child support and custody and the division of marital property are worked out. Emotions may run wild.

While many may think of calling the police in a crisis—and that is certainly the recommended first response to any domestic violence incident—a skilled family law attorney with domestic violence experience can also help victims obtain a protective order and seek a safe place for themselves and their children, if any, while they go through the divorce process.

Sometimes police dispatchers receive calls from domestic violence victims before, during, or after an attack. Other times, the call comes from someone threatening violence against themselves, their family, or others. It’s not uncommon for the suspect to threaten to shoot someone.

What is uncommon is when the shot comes not from a gun, but rather a bow and arrow.

Recently, a Chandler police officer responding to a domestic violence call was reportedly shot with a bow and arrow by a suspect standing on the roof of this home. The suspect who reportedly also shot at but missed a family member – –was previously “arrested in 2016 after a string of arson fires” and is awaiting trial on those charges. Now he will face “aggravated assault on an officer and domestic violence-related charges” as well. The officer was treated and released.

While domestic issues can sometimes be handled amicably and privately, other times violence requires the prompt intervention of the police as well as legal action.

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