Family Law Modifications: How to Get the Changes You Need

I recently lost my job and would like to decrease my child support amount. How is this accomplished?

Under Arizona law, orders involving legal decision-making (child custody) parenting time, child support, or spousal support (spousal maintenance) may be modified by citing a “substantial and continuing ” change in circumstances. Of course, each area requires a different set of circumstances to modify, and the court will require a demonstration of actual difficulty or hardship as opposed to mere inconvenience.

In terms of child support, a court may increase or  decrease a monthly award if there has been a “substantial and continuing change of financial circumstances.  In general any change in circumstance that results in  a 15% change in the ultimate child support is considered “substantial”.

This is most often as a result of an increase or decrease in income for either parent, but may also be can be as a result of the ending of a spousal maintenance obligation, the birth of additional children, the ending of the need for daycare or a significant change in the cost of health insurance. 

The changing of a legal decision-making (custody) order or a parenting time order is generally harder and is based on the best interests of the children rather than a simple guideline calculation.  Therefore whether to grant the change or not is up to the discretion of the Judge and the outcome can be much less certain.

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