Arizona is Home to Many Unhappy Marriages

Does Arizona Have a Higher Than Average Divorce Rate?

Arizona is in the top third of states when it comes to divorce rates, according to statistics from the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Vital Statistics System. According to the most recent information (2012) there are 3.9 divorces per thousand residents in the state. There were sixteen states with higher rates, the highest being Nevada at 5.5.

There are parts of Arizona where residents are much more likely to have been married multiple times compared to national averages, according to information recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Lake Havasu City-Kingman and Prescott lead the nation with the highest percentage of adults who have been married multiple times. While the national average is 24.6%, an estimated 41.7% of Lake Havasu City-Kingman adults have been married more than once, as have about 40.2% of Prescott adults. Overall, Arizona is higher than average in the percentage of population with multiple marriages.

Other statistics from the Census Bureau include:

• About 50% of men and 54% of women 15 and older in the U.S. have only been married once. This is down from the 1996 figures of 54% for men and 60% of women.

• Multiple marriages are most common among Caucasians. Non-Hispanic Whites are most likely to have married three or more times with Asians being the least likely to marry that many times.

• Adults with bachelor’s degree or more education are more likely to have one marriage (64%) than adults in general (52%).

Why are Lake Havasu City-Kingman and Prescott hot beds of multiple marriages? The San Tan Valley Sentinel looked into the question. Local pastor Chad Garrison shared his rather conflicted perspective stating area residents are conservative and more likely to marry but at the same time the area’s “lake lifestyle” involves active retirees enjoying their golden years and looking for opportunities beyond their current spouses. As a result marriages can “go down the toilet.”

Arizona State University economist Tom Rex sees demographics as the reason. He said the Lake Havasu area has one of the oldest populations in Arizona so residents are more likely to have been married multiple times.

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