Black and white image of domestic violence victim holding hands up

Woman Seeking Divorce Murdered By Husband

Those seeking a divorce can sometimes be in a dangerous situation. Whether domestic violence exists in the marriage or there is another threat to the well-being of one of the spouses or the children, there are usually warning signs that should not be ignored.  Recently, an Arizona woman who had filed for divorce and who had expressed concern about the safety of her family was killed by her husband.

Details of the Tragic Incident

Angelina Collier, 33, of Phoenix, Arizona, was the mother of three children and married to Robert Collier. Angelina had filed for divorce in the spring of 2014 and soon after was found shot to death in her apartment.   Angelina’s children were present in the apartment at the time of her death but authorities believe that they were asleep.  She had been murdered by her husband, who, after killing her, sent pictures of her body to her family and friends.  Police later found Robert dead after committing suicide.

Friends of Angelina told authorities that she feared for her safety and the safety of her children and her husband in the time leading up to the tragic incident.  Prior to the killing, Robert had begun treatment for suicidal tendencies.

Angelina worked for a law firm prior to her death and was in the middle of filling out law school applications when she filed for divorce.

Ignoring Warning Signs Can Have Deadly Consequences

Robert was obviously a very disturbed individual and Angelina had been alerted to the danger he might pose.  The law has put certain protections in place, such as protective orders, for those who feel unsafe in a domestic situation.  Had Angelina pursued a protective order, the tragic event may never have occurred.

Seek Professional Legal Help If You Feel Unsafe

If you or someone you know may be in a dangerous situation, involving domestic violence or other circumstances, you should not ignore the warning signs.  While the results are not always this severe, why take the chance?  The Phoenix attorneys at Cohen Family Law have experience petitioning the courts for a protective order in these situations.  Call (602) 714-8898 for a free consultation.