Arizona Cardinals Running Back Arrested in Domestic Violence Incident

Domestic violence among professional athletes has been in the news often in recent weeks.  In one of the latest incidents, Phoenix police have arrested running back Jonathan Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals at the team’s training facility in Tempe.

Alleged Domestic Violence Incident Details

According to police records, the arrest stems from a July 21 argument between Dwyer and his wife. Trying to stop him from kissing her and removing her clothing, she bit his lip.  He responded by head-butting her, breaking her nose.

Neighbors called the police, but Dwyer’s wife did not disclose that she had been in a fight and claimed that she and her 17-month old son were home alone.  After the police left, she left too, taking her son with her.

She returned home when Dwyer sent her a text message that sounded suicidal, accompanied by a photo of a knife.

Further Alleged Abuse

The arguing resumed the next day, and this time Dwyer punched his wife in the face, punched the walls, and threw a shoe at their son, hitting him in the stomach. When his wife said she was going to call the police, he threw her cell phone out of their apartment.

Later, neighbors helped Dwyer’s wife pack her belongings and flee Arizona. She filed a report with the Phoenix police only after she felt safe elsewhere.

Current Situation and Consequences

Dwyer is currently free on a $25,000 cash bond, though the Cardinals have removed him from team activities.

Domestic Violence and Divorce

Domestic violence is often the last straw in a marriage headed for divorce.  It can also begin after a couple has begun dissolution of marriage proceedings. Victims should not allow it to escalate, however, and can apply for an Order of Protection. They should also always call 911 when at risk.

Get Professional Legal Help

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